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School Programs

Why is Waste Management important for your school?

It is Good for:

♥ the earth—less waste, less material sent to the landfill, conservation of resources

♥ the kids—environmental stewardship, leadership

♥ the school—saves money, better use of resources, can be source of revenue

Marin Sanitary Service has a School Recycling Coordinator that can help you develop and implement a comprehensive Waste Management plan at your school.  Money is tight at schools everywhere.  Let us help you stop throwing your resources away.

Case Study

Dixie School District worked hard in 2012 to develop a comprehensive waste plan that can be used by any district.  Click here to download the Dixie School District Waste Plan 2012.

Dixie Elementary School spent several years enhancing their recycling program with the help of Marin Sanitary Service.  Download the case study to see their results of the Dixie School Waste Reduction Case Study 2011.



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